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6 Natural Hair Care Tips

You should be happy to know that caring for you natural hair is going to be one of the easiest stages of your natural hair journey. As your hair grows it becomes harder to effectively moisturize and tangles may become a problem. Which is why many women opt to keep a tapered style. Lets go over what a healthy hair care regimen for you will include:

1. Cleanse You will want to use a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo. This will prevent your hair from being so dry after washes. Alternatively you can co-wash your hair (wash your using conditioner only) to alleviate dryness as well. How often you cleanse will depend on works for you, a good starting point would be once per week. Washing your hair more often than this, will be perfectly fine as well. Since your hair is shorter at this stage it is much easier to work with so if you decided you like cleansing 3x per week go for it!

2. Condition If you use shampoo to cleanse your hair you always want to follow up with a good rinse out conditioner. Seal the moisture in your hair by rinsing the conditioner out with cool water. Using cooler water, will enable you to see a noticeable difference with the dryness you experience.

3. Deep Condition Get in the habit of deep conditioning as often as possible. If you can aim to deep condition every two weeks, this will be optimal but at the very least deep condition once per month. A good deep conditioner will contain a?hydrolyzed?protein. We will get into this more on the products page of the site. Cover your hair with a plastic processing cap and if you can use a sit under hooded dryer or a thermal deep conditioning cap to help the conditioner penetrate more effectively.

4. Detangle Detangle your hair while it is damp with a wide tooth comb and or a paddle brush. You can always start by using your fingers first to knock out any tangles that you can feel, then proceed to detangle with a comb. Depending on the length of your TWA you may only need to finger detangle. When you comb start from the ends of your hair and then comb down to the root. It sounds weird, but trust me it works out better this way!

5. LOC Method for Moisture LoOC stands for (Leave In, Oil and Cream). Using this technique seals moisture into your hair and helps you to avoid dryness. Moisturize your hair and style as desired.

6. Wrap Your Hair at Night Always wear a satin bonnet or scarf to bed. Dont like bonnets? You can use satin or silk pillowcases instead. The cotton from your bedding drys out your hair and can break it off from friction. As your hair gets longer (4 to 5 inches) you may want to consider braiding or twisting your hair into large sections to avoid matting and tangles.